1800bhp 4WD Rolling Road Facility
1800bhp at all 4 wheels - all transmission types
  1200bhp at the back wheel
0.01% accuracy power measurement

To overcome the problems associated with estimating drivetrain losses to determine flywheel horsepower (as performed by other rolling road systems) this rolling road system measures power at the wheels.
The power measurement system itself is unique, as the system uses a load cell (with 99.99% accuracy) to measure wheel power, as opposed to inertia measurement systems which have around 95% accuracy.
This means the system is accurate to within 1.5bhp at 1200 bhp.

For more details reguarding accurate power measurements click here.

Complete air flow controlled Dyno Cell

The rolling road is housed in a temperature and air flow controlled Dyno Cell, which will easily accommodate our GT1 and all other high performance vehicles.
The Dyno Cell at G-Force has seperate cooling fans for cooling the front of water cooled cars, the rear of air cooled cars, and the intercoolers or oil coolers on high performance models, without compromising overall system cooling efficiency.

Superior vehicle tie down methods result in reliable results with no wheel spin
  This revolutionary method of securing the vehicle to the rolling road results in very accurate power measurements - first time - every time.
This method of securing the vehicle is so effective a twin-turbo Chevrolet V8 powered vehicle was accurately measured with 1072 bhp at the rear wheels on an identical rolling road system. Similar rolling roads have great difficulty with performance measurements above 420bhp due to their ineffective tie down methids and the use of smooth rollers.
Temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure compensation
  In order for Dyno results to be comparable and universally understood, ambient air temperature, pressure and humidity are closely monitored during the measurement process.
These factore have a big effect upon the amount of power an engine produces. This information enables our Dyno results to be 'corrected' back to standard conditions to enable comparison with anyone else's test result.
Air/fuel ratio monitoring to ensure your engine remains safe at all times

To ensure the safety of customers cars, a Lambda meter is used to monitor air/fuel ratio in real time, as the car is run on the rolling road.
This ensures the vehicles engine is accurately monitored, so that problems can be identified and a rolling road run before any damage occurs.

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