Porsche Performance upgrades
  Our experience in preparing and racing Porsches for over 25 years, has put us in the unique position of being able to supply and fit performance upgrades tha we know (and can prove) will give you the promised increased performance.
There's a growing tendancing within the tuning industry to make exaggerated claims of large performance gains, without any realistic subatantiation.
  The G-Force philosophy of 'Proven Performance' is just that, as our 1800bhp state-of-the-art rolling road system not only enables us to optimize the new components, it also gives you a printed performance graph, that clearly illustrates the BHP and Torque Curves before and after the modifications.
Good performance upgrades are'nt cheap - and we have tested many of our competitors products, only to find that they simply don't give you the power upgrade that is being claimed.
Here are some examples of popular upgrades that we have completed, and we'd almost certainly be able to recommend for any Porsche model as a practical route to increasing it's performance.
If you'd like to discuss aparticular upgrade that you have in mind, don't hesitate to call us on 01296 434084 our advice is always free!