To start with, we wish to make everyone aware that rolling roads (or chassis dynometers) are NOT the be-all and end-all to all your engine problems. A rolling road is only as effective as the operator, just like any other tool. Our operators are chosen on past experience with rolling roads and have main-dealer training.
The procedure used to determine power figures on our rolling road is a standardiseed process. This ensures the figures produced are repeatable and reliable, reguardless of which of our qualified operators performs the dyno run. This procedure also ensures power figures produced by similar dynos in other parts of the world who follow the same standardised procedure.



How much does it cost?

If you require a power test or verification our flat rate is £55.00 plus VAT. If you require diagnosis or performance tuning, our rolling road time is charged on an hourly basis. This charge is £122.50 per hour excluding VAT. It is very difficult to know how long each car will take, as with any fault-finding or diagnostic work. We appreciate that very few people can walk into this operation with an 'open wallet' so we generally ask for an acceptable maximum 'time period' which you can state, to suit your finances.
However, for most tunes of a regular, non-specific 'once-over' checkup they usually take between 1-2 hours. We can try and advise on likely time spans for other, more involved jobs if requested. Suffice to say, we always try to keep you informed of progress (generally, by the hour) so you are kept up to date with costings. We have no more desire to scare you with an unexpected bill than you have to recieve one!

Does it harm my car?

I know that they sound quite intimidating! We will decide if we think your car is fit for the rollers.
If the vehicle is in a good general condition you should be fine. We have no wish to entice a blow-up on our expensive rolling road, with the possibility of dumping oil all over it! Rolling roads DO sound intimidating, but no more than you would expect from having an enclosed space around a vehicle on full steam.
In reality, r.roads do not give your car any more strain than driving it hard on the highway. it just sounds worse! We always stay within the vehicles rev limit and coolant temperatures etc. are constanly monitored.

What is the power handling capacity of your rolling road?

Our rolling road is the first of its type in the country. We do not 'elevate' the power capabilities on the interest of sounding bigger and better than anyone else, we simply state the facts. Our road can handle 1800bhp, at the wheels. That is, 600bhp at the front wheels, and 1200bhp at the rear wheels.
The use of a revolutionary tie down system has eliminated the wheel-spin problems associated when trying to measure power or tune engines in excess of 400bhp on other rolling road systems.

Check list before commencing a rolling road tune:

1 Have plenty of fuel! R.Roads use more fuel than you would imagine! Also, if your car prefers Super Unleaded (or needs it) make sure that this is what you have in the tank. We cannot tune for both types of fuel with only one tank!

2 Have a service before hand! If you turn up with a clogged air filter, black, low oil and worn spark plugs we will only charge you to replace it all! Of course, we can undertake this work if requested but we would not commence a 'tune' if the vehicle is in pre-service state. However, if you are having upgrades at the same time you may wish to have an uprated air-filter or spark plug set fitted so please confirm before hand.

3 Do NOT bring your car in for a tune if the engine is sick or injured! Not everyone is a mechanic but most people can tell if their engine is making noises it shouldn't!