350Z Shoot-out

A great day was had by all, when the '350Z Forum' descended on G-Force for a rolling road day. Everyone got off to a good start by tucking into bacon rolls, doughnuts and coffee.
After an exciting day of comparing graphs, the '350Z Forum' where finally blown-away when the G-Force 350Z Twin Turbo reached 430bhp with ease.
A successful day was rounded off with afternoon tea at Hartwell House.

Autosport International Exhibition 2005

After years of going to see the Autosport International Show at the N.E.C, we finally decided this year to have our own stand.
The four day event was extremely successful, considering it was our first time at a major exhibition.
With the excellent response that we've recieved from both the trade and public, we're already looking at taking a stand for 2006.

Power Run

Amoungst the many racing cars that have recently used our rolling road, we were delighted to see this fabulous 1926 Bugatti.

Rolling road shoot-out

Another successful rolling road shoot-out day took place at G-Force in February for Porsche GT3 owners.
There was a definate sense of excitement and tension in the air, as drivers eagerly awaited their performance 'Dyno-graph' results to see if their car had the winning egde in bhp and torque.